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How To Find The Right PPC Service Providers

PPC, known as pay-per-click advertising, is one of the best ways in order to target your qualified audience. The PPC service providers help you to reach the audience where they’re already looking and gain an advantage against competitors. PPC advertising is a controllable and cost-effective way to earn a spot at top of Google search results as well as on other websites and digital platforms where most of the time is spent by your target audience browsing. 

Key Considerations:

1) Management Time

What’s more important than price of the service is the amount of time spent by PPC service managers managing a PPC account. If they’re not spending the right amount of time needed to effectively manage any campaign, then you are setting your company up for failure from the beginning.

2) Budget & ROI

Your budget is not your main focus, so no need to limit it. Allow the PPC managers to suggest the appropriate budget for you, but inquire about that budget and how it will help you gain a higher return on investment. A good PPC manager knows that it’s not about how much you are spending, but about how to optimize your budget for the best ROI.

If you earn a higher ROI when spending ₹5,000/month as compared to spending ₹500/month, then it makes sense to spend that much.

3) Landing Pages

Relevancy is a very important part of any successful PPC campaign because it will affect your Quality Score. In order to make your landing pages more relevant, the agency creates landing pages for many specific ad groups.

Landing page tools like UnbounceInstapage, and Wishpond are perfect to build landing pages specifically for the purpose of PPC. When you contact PPC agencies, find out how to create landing pages.

4) Reporting

Find out what they do when it comes to reporting. Top service providers will usually offer monthly reporting, which should include any and all the information needed from your account.

5) Strategy

Look for those service providers that will include you in their strategy discussions. As good as the pay per click managers are, they don’t know about the ins and outs in relation to your business. They will have many questions that will need to be answered by you so that they will be able to better understand how to sell your business. Any agency that has a more inclusive approach will always experience greater successes. 

6) SEO

SEO & PPC go hand-in-hand. You’ll benefit more if you are able to find an agency that offers both these services, even if you’re only looking for an agency to manage only your PPC campaign. Having access to SEO data of your business can help to improve your PPC campaign.

7) Free Analysis & Consultation

You should want to work with PPC service providers that will offer a free analysis or consultation before doing any business with you. If they don’t do that, that should be a huge warning signal. Getting insights into your account and discussing strategies is crucial to create an effective PPC campaign.

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