Essential Components To Consider While Selecting The Best Professional SEO Services In India

8 Essential Factors To Consider When Hiring A Digital Marketing Company In India

Hiring a digital marketing company can be a complicated process. Taking out the studs from the duds is tough if you don’t know which questions to ask. Marketing activities whether online or offline, requires strategic thinking which is why logically, there is going to be dependency on a marketing company for the growth and expansion of your business. You need to be absolutely sure before getting into a contractual position and taking the leap of faith. Be certain that this is the digital marketing company for you.
Here are few things to remember before hiring a digital marketing company in India.

1. Experience

Is the company experienced? If it is, in what industry segment? It is feasible to find an experienced digital marketing company in your industry; but, working with one can be problematic because there will be some conflict of interest with your competitors.

Ask for case studies or reports to understand the level of expertise and assess their abilities. Client references, project notes can be useful to select the best digital marketing company.

2. Goal Alignment

The digital marketing company should be a strategic partner. Understand whether or not the company is capable of aligning themselves with the business goals of your company. Discuss the scope of short and long term results, and also the scope of the project to understand the alignment between you and the company.

3. One-Stop Solution

It is better to choose a digital marketing company which is a one-stop solution instead of multiple vendors. Why? It is cost effective and a collaboration between too many vendors is an issue. Web development, website hosting, digital marketing, video marketing, social media strategy and reputation management are some of the capabilities of a versatile digital marketing company. A good marketing company will give a complete overview of their one-stop services.

4.  Know the Team

You should remain in close contact with the team/project manager of your work. A new digital marketing company is like a new in-house team in your business. A typical marketing strategy takes approximately 9-12 months to yield a result which is why you must get to know the team. Have a casual talk with the team members. Remember to follow gut instincts. Be comfortable.

5. Marketing Automation

Automation is the trend of the day, and various SaaS products can help to automate a project. But everything shouldn’t be automated because artificial intelligence can’t replace the human mind. Talk with the digital marketing company about the nature and impact of this automation.

6. Communication

Regular communication is the core aspect of hiring any digital marketing company. Daily project updates aren’t recommended unless it is in the initial stages of the project. Else, they are pointless. Bi-weekly and weekly meetings are effective. The monthly meeting could be a catch-up call for all the work done in a month. A good digital marketing company will also create minutes of the meeting for tracking the progress of the work.

7. Contract Duration

Always remember to sign a contract or agreement. An inbound marketing activity is a six months job just like SEO. Marketing is connected with trust and creativity, and they don’t happen in a day! Website development takes 2-3 months, and social media marketing takes place in continuation. Define the contractual period and sign it.

8. Ramp Up Phase

Marketing won’t begin immediately as soon as contract signing. Marketing strategies need time to be devised, which is the ramp-up phase. It can’t be executed in a month. The ramp-up phase is very crucial and time consuming to ensure the long-term success of the work. Putting unrealistic timelines, almost impossible targets and pressuring the digital marketing company to start the marketing process isn’t doable. Same thing goes for the digital marketing company.

With a tremendous growth and expansion in the digital business space, you’re going to need a marketing company sooner or later. Do your research well and choose the right agency for the long-term.

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