How To Find A Social Media Marketing Agency In Kolkata

If you’re finding it difficult to find a social Media Marketing Agency in Kolkata, you are at the right place. Maintaining social media presence today is getting complicated as the world is going Digital. 

Social Media Marketing is becoming an essential aspect of Digital Marketing, to increase your brand awareness and overall reach, you go to social media platforms to advertise. Though it is a professional task and you need to hire an agency for it.

Hiring an agency has many benefits; they help you in increasing sales, lead generation, customer engagement and traffic. Make sure you’re hiring the right agency.

Finding the right social Media Marketing agency in Kolkata

There are various Social Media Marketing agent in Kolkata and trying and choose the best amongst them is a bit tiring, here are some factors you can consider before hiring an agency.


There are many services provided by an agency that is social media management, content development, social media analytics, social media strategy, content development etc.

The different agency specialises in different areas, you need to choose the ones that provide services you’re looking for that helps you in better decision making. 

Apart from services provided by them you can also see other areas they specialise in, for example, some agencies might specialise in working with industries or companies that are related to your business. 

Out of all the social media marketing agency in Kolkata, some might work with large clients and some with retailers. You can choose the agency according to your business.


Portfolio for a different social media marketing agency in Kolkata will help you the most. The reviews by their clients, the projects they have undertaken and what type of customers they have worked with are mentioned in the portfolio. 

If they have worked with clients that are similar to your business, that will be great. You will find the results they have achieved, compare them to the goals you have set. Detailed the portfolio helps you in better understanding and decision making.

Additionally, you can check out there social media pages to get a better view of their work, results and achievements etc.


Now before choosing anyone, you need to decide the budget you are willing to put to it. Different agency charges different prices according to their services or goodwill; you need to go through all the price charts and decide which one suits you. 

Remember, the prices are decided based on the type of service you are opting for, and some might charge you based on your audience size.

Your needs and expectations

You need to decide what type of task you need to get done. Scope and time are other factors you need to keep in mind. Make sure goals are achievable, expecting the results overnight is unrealistic.

Communication is the key; you need to communicate with the agency and depict all your strengths weakness in advance. The company too needs to have a good customer relationship. Expressing what you expect from each other creates a cooperative environment., 

Consider their customer relationship, communication skills, scope etc. before deciding on the social media marketing agency in Kolkata. 


To find the best social media marketing agency in Kolkata, make sure to consider the above factors. Do comprehensive research and decide which company suits you. You can also ask other networks for help if still in doubt.

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